Core Architechture


‘Architecture as Functional Art’

In a world where standing out, is the primary concern of any design endeavour, we are intent on creating profound beauty, via deep contemplation about creating spaces that create emotional and physical comfort for users, with buildings merging into its context and also many times effortlessly assimilating it’s users.

Our Design stands out because it is splendidly unique and embracing its users in warm and exciting enfold. Energy efficiency is another design effort that consistently weaves through all our design work. Passive design strategies are an integral part of our design process and expression. Art brings people together and helps in connecting users to the spaces around them. Sense of place is because of this interaction, and is an indispensable part of our design.

Our designs create art which is functional and at times even evolves with age and with interaction with users. Expressing all above concerns in a physical, visual expression is the most challenging and exciting aspect of our practice. Highlight of any work for us is when the functional aspects of the design evolve to become stunning pieces of ART.

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