Core Architechture

iconic satara

category : Architecture
location: satara
project status : Proposed

about the project:

It was a competition to design An administrative building for a Municipal Council designed and executed “today” needs an architecture that not only represents the maturity of a 70 year old democratic Nation but, takes the responsibility of being a birth place where the seeds of tomorrow’s administration find a fertile space.

History : The robust fort of ‘Ajinkyatara’ looms large on Satara bathing the town in rich glory of the Maratha empire. Elements like Hidden doors and unexpected turns, to confuse and attack enemies, were also used as a tool to create vistas and pride in the design. Pedestrians can trek up one floor around a robust turret evoking experiences of climbing up a fort and reliving history.

Culture: The building will stand out because of its contemporary architectural references to forts, the strong, rough and robust Sahyadris and the solid built fort walls and turrets, as one goes up. The public spaces will connect people to an administrative building forming a constructive exciting partnership between the administration and people.

Climate and Sustainability: The design evolves from the need of natural ventilation and light. Parallel linear cuboids along the east and west direction open out work spaces to the west side for perennial breeze. The moisture created by landscape on the windward side, and the landscaped terraces also help in evaporative cooling.

ICON:  The building becomes iconic on two levels. One by its physical form which is dominant and raw. The stone like concrete exterior, turrets and fins. It stands out just by its intimidating presence, just like the fort. On another level it becomes iconic by becoming very porous and accessible to people.

Bold and beauty  form an important aspect of this building without which the sheer infectious joy is missing.

Materials: Form finished concrete walls on the north and south faces with form finished concrete precast fins to create texture. This together with the horizontal green shelves will evoke the majestic Sahyadri mountain ranges.



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