Core Architechture


category : Interior Architecture
location: Pune (Maharashtra)
project status : Completed

about the project:

motto of the company is ‘infinite possibilities’

addressing such abstract ideas and expressing them through design is the most exciting part of our practice.

A bold red sloping curved wall is the only striking element throughout the office, and binds the all the spaces, accommodating transition spaces and openings as it sweeps on. One cannot see the end of the curve because of an intentional visual element blocking the end. This creates a sense of infinitely extending visual form.

also we used the logo in a box of mirrors creating infinite reflections and a dynamic eye catching entry to the work spaces.

the feel of the work space is contemporary, minimalist, dominant and dynamic.

principle architect:
Sunil Kulkarni

design team:
Aparna Kulkarni, Sneha Deoley, Megha Bilgi

interior contractors:
360 Concept Interiors, Pune

Atul Kanitkar

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